Review Codernate Linux.

Codernate Linux have a smooth interface, useful uses, and completely disrupting the way education and the way businesses to grow up. Codernate can used to Cyber Security Competition or Analysis Forensics Digital.

Of course with the support of many parties. Government, Private and community

What is Codernate?

Codernate is a GNU / Linux based operating system that was built with the aim of being a solution to the unavailability of operating systems and applications that are legal in the community, schools and government.

Easy to Use

Codernate is very easy to use, with a very soft and elegant appearance.

Competing Tool

Codernate has tools commonly used in IT security competitions

Digital Forensics

Codernate Linux is good enough to be used in analyzing digital forensics independently.


Codernate is an efficient companion to serve your variety of needs and it is versatile to adapt to all of your needs. Our user base varies from home users to students & teachers, programmers & developers, professionals, art enthusiast, music lovers, professional multimedia and many more.

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Have a good website application development service


Inculde metapackages for wireless

Analysis Forensics

Can find back forensic digital evidence

Recovery Nodes

Browse and get deleted or formatted files

Codernate Slideshow

Use it for your needs. Share with your friends and relatives to use Codernate Linux. We offer all of this for free to all of you.

Get it now too. Enjoy the ease of using GNU / Linux only with Codernate Linux…

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Codernate Linux strives to provide documentation of the results of trials and handling usage problems in articles from our community sourced from around the world

Powered by a Team

Codernate Team combines a passion for enthusiastic technology, designer, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & cyber security competition, forensics investigator.

Mochammad Ridwan
Founder & Senior Developer

A linux enthusiast and was very enthusiastic about technological developments.

Abdul Djalil Djayali
Core Develop & Design

Interest in the resilient world of digital forensics and one of the founders of the 4N6Labs

Fayzal Muhammad
Maintainer & Tools Dev

An Introvert boy, Member of Zona IT Ternate and Love Linux just the way you are

Desi Eka Candrawati
Community Management

Have an interest in technology and are good at communicating, adventurous and like to hang out


Muhammad Muzammil
Zona IT Ternate

The founder of the Zona IT Ternate and was very enthusiastic about technological developments

Abdul Khois
Linux Scoop

Linux and Open Source Enthusiast. He way to share videos specifically about Linux and open source world.

Deden Gobel

A person who always supports every activity and product of the IT community throughout Indonesia


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Frequently asked questions

Below we have given a number of things that are often asked of us. If you have other questions, please contact using the contact form below.

Codernate is built using the Arch Linux base

Codernate has features such as the availability of DE GNOME as default, office tools, tolls for IT security competition needs and for digital forensics and other applications that can support daily use.

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